10 lessons
twice a week
Date of start
End of November - Early December

About Course

Salesforce is the world’s β„–1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce is already used by more than 150 thousand companies, including Sony, Financial Times, Toyota, and many other well-known global brands.
If you are ready to upskill, we are waiting for you on our course.

Key benefits:

Based on the results of the interview, you might get a job offer.


About You

Is the course right for me?
Yes, if you:
Understand Java / C # / C ++
Have basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts
Have intermediate and higher level of English

About Speakers

Speaker image
Ponomarenko Elena
3+ years in Salesforce
Lena will introduce you to such themes: Data Modeling and Data Management, Apex Triggers and Unit Tests, Apex REST and SOAP Services, Aura
Speaker image
Molchanov Alexander
3+ years in Salesforce
Alex will teach: Tools for Development, Apex and Database Basics, Asynchronous Apex, Platform Events, and Salesforce API, LWC
Speaker image
Karpenkov Nikita
6+ years in Salesforce
Nikita will explain Salesforce platform fundamentals and give an introduction to the course.
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About process

How we teach
Each lesson will cover theoretical and practical aspects of work with the Salesforce platform. The theoretical part will take 1 hour, and you'll practice for about 30 minutes. The lessons will take place twice a week.

About Structure

The course structure

β€” What Is Salesforce

β€” Organisation types

β€” Salesforce Definitions

β€” Lightning and Classic Experiences

β€” Platform Customisation with Declarative Tools

β€” Setup

Data Modeling and Data Management

β€” Overview of Objects and Fields

β€” Object Relationships

β€” Schema Builder

β€” Main Objects

β€” Data Import

β€” Data Export

Access to Data. Declarative Programming Tools

β€” Levels of Data Access

β€” Access to the Org

β€” Object Permissions

β€” Field Access

β€” Access to Records

β€” Declarative Programming Tools

Tools for Development. Apex and Database Basics

β€” Tools: Developer Console, VS Code, GIT, Workbench

β€” Apex Language Highlights

β€” Data Types and Collections

β€” Use sObjects and DML operations on them

β€” SOQL and SOSL queries

Apex Triggers and Unit Tests

β€” Types of Triggers

β€” Trigger Context Variables

β€” Trigger Exceptions

β€” Bulk Trigger Design

β€” Unit Tests: Test Method Syntax, Test Data for Apex Tests

Apex REST and SOAP Services

β€” Difference between synchronous and asynchronous processing

β€” Future Methods

β€” Batch Apex

β€” Queueable Apex

β€” Apex Scheduler

β€” Monitoring Asynchronous Jobs

Aura and LWC

β€” Aura components

β€” Create and edit Aura component bundle resources

β€” Component Attributes and Expressions

β€” JavaScript controllers

β€” Connection with Server-Side Apex controllers

β€” LWC

β€” Lightning Web Components programming model

β€” Contents describe, JS methods, Lifecycle Hooks

β€” Event handling


β€” What Visualforce is and what it’s used for

β€” Visualforce expressions

β€” Standard and Custom controllers

β€” Display Records, Fields, and Related Tables

β€” Visualforce form


β€” A brief survey of the materials covered

β€” Testing on main topics


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